World-Class Musical Wonder in Los Angeles


Music is humanity’s universal language. It’s able to recreate images and emotions without needing to say a single word, and each note can communicate an entire lifetime or perhaps just a moment to every listener. It’s both timeless and innovative, and our luxury apartments at Alexan Bahay allow you to enjoy the best of any music genre live from Los Angeles.

If you’re looking for a classical orchestra in town, you don’t have to look farther than the LA Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, which features professional musicians and conductors from all over the world dedicated to one purpose: the creation of beautiful music. Their 2019/20 season has kicked into full gear, so now there’s no better time than to fall in love with their performances. Those who are new to symphonies can try a single ticket purchase at any concert of their choosing – so long as tickets are still available, of course – while lifelong fans of orchestra can sign up for one of their series packages, each including a selection of great concerts separated by genre, celebrity, or weekdays. Have a growing musician in the family? Sign up for one of their hands-on Youth Orchestra Los Angeles classes, or enroll in the Toyota Symphonies for Youth to allow your child’s love for music grow into a lucrative career. Best of all, their primary performance venue, the Walt Disney Concert Hall, is only two miles away from our luxury apartments, a mere ten-minute drive or twenty-minute bus ride.

Immerse yourself in the majesty of music here at Alexan Bahay. Purchase your tickets for the next LA Phil performance for an unforgettable weekend, and don’t forget to check out our luxury apartment pre-lease offers before we open this Fall.