Tremendous and Tasty Sushi in L.A.


Sushi is a Japanese delicacy that is fit for many situations: it can be served at a high-end restaurant for folks dressed in their finest, celebrating special occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays; it can be part of a simple office brunch while you rest in the break room; or it can even be enjoyed from home. However you like your nigiri or sushi rolls, our luxury apartments at Alexan Bahay have you covered with our amazing Los Angeles neighborhood.

N/Naka is a downtown L.A. sushi bar and Japanese restaurant that is not only the highest rated Japanese cuisine restaurant in the city, but the highest rated restaurant in the city overall on TripAdvisor thanks to stellar quality entrees and a high-end atmosphere. It’s located only twelve miles from our luxury apartments, so you can drive to your reserved table in around fifteen minutes, or – if you want to save on gas – you can use the handy bus and DASH train options nearby. N/Naka is unique from most other restaurants because it features a full, thirteen-course meal for every guest that reserves a table for the evening, such as their all inclusive modern Kaiseki menu or their diet-friendly vegetarian tasting. The menu often features a wide assortment of appetizers, sushi, hot plates, and desserts to satisfy any food lover. Finally, you can choose to pair your full meal with their selection of fine wine or sake, or to go simple with a non-alcoholic menu.

Enjoy the best Japanese-inspired flavors from home at Alexan Bahay. Reserve a tour of our L. A. luxury apartments and a table at N/Naka sushi restaurant.