S2: Serene Los Angeles Studio Apartment

Los Angeles studio apartment

LA is a town famous for the birth, death, and renewal of dreams, and so naturally you deserve to live in a home that can encourage those dreams to come to reality, both in a literal and figurative sense. We have dozens of Los Angeles Studio Apartment floor plans, for our upcoming luxury apartments in Alexan Bahay, allowing you to pick the right fit for your needs and preferences, all while offering the same incredible amenities and universal comfort in each model.

One of our studio luxury apartment floor plans, the S2, brings together convenience and comfort in one neat 539 square foot package. It’s perfect for newcomers to Los Angeles, or for those who want a relaxing home atmosphere without spending a fortune on it. For starters, the coat closet right in front of the entrance makes it easy to bundle up against the rain or cold, or to greet your guests with finesse. The open kitchen allows you to handle all your favorite recipes, thanks to its ample cabinet space and efficient appliances. Conquer your dirty laundry like a boss using the handy standing washer and dryer in the utility closet. Turn the gigantic living and sleeping space into your own personal paradise, whether you want to separate your bed with a nice privacy curtain or you want to incorporate all your functions into one functional living room. Finally, step out onto the private balcony and admire fantastic Los Angeles views right from your back porch.

Dream on and live your life to the fullest at Alexan Bahay. Check out our S2 Los Angeles Studio Apartment floor plan in detail online and sign up for our pre-lease before we open to the public.