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"Behay apartment is the best one in town. Community is perfect and very clean. Also, staffs are very kind and nice. Exactly, i love noiseless room for reading books"
"The apartment is nice and the shared areas are kept very clean. The biggest problem is the noise from the street which needs a good window that the apartment does not have so the house is always noisy. Even during midnight there are so many ambulances on Alvarado street making noise and it is hard to get good quality sleep."
"We've started to notice that there seems to be someone in the building who screams profanities on a regular basis and it's easy to hear throughout the complex. We originally thought it was just during football games but then it started happening more frequently... Otherwise, great amenities and helpful maintenance folks on staff."
"pleasant place to live with ample security around the property. feel very safe and would continue to live in again for the foreseeable future"
"Living here has been a joy! Love all the amenities and my neighbors! Nicole, Shannon, and Jeff are a great team and really make it an even better experience! Thank you!"
"The leasing office staff is friendly and helpful even after move in. Building is pretty quiet, has good amenities and pet friendly (some residents are better/more considerate pet parents than others)"
"The complex is nice, new, and kept up well! All the staff are kind and responsive. There is minimal noise between walls and between floors. However the noise from the pool/courtyard carries and not everyone respects quiet hours."
"The management is great, the amenities are always pristine, and the apartment is super comfortable. Only complaint is our upstairs neighbor has a dog barking at all hours."
"The building and apartment are lovely, well run and very cared for. Love my interactions with the folks who work here and am very happy this is where I chose to live."
"Very nice apartment. Secure and very good maintenance maintenance. I recommend this apartment. Very easy access access to the high way. ><~<>€"
"it has been great so far. the only thing is our car was broken into, and the front desk didn't do anything, considering we pay for the security of the place and the apartment complex has cameras."
"experience is great, but there are some hiccups. for example, the gardeners keep blowing the leafs onto our porch. they also entered without my knowledge (not a big deal, but would be nice to know when they come). maintenence for gym and common areas is really good."
"We love our apartment, but always struggle with the folks at the leasing office. They aren’t as communicative or helpful as we’d expect, and we know some folks who have moved out because of that."
"The amenities are great and summer at the pool is fun. I just wish the elevators weren't always breaking down. But aside from that everything is great!"
"Staff is great & friendly, the amenities are clean, haven’t had any issues in my first year living here. Very pet friendly which is great as a dog owner myself, but so much so that the sidewalk along the back side of the building let’s you know lots of dogs are walked there so would be great if there was a way to counter the smells. Other than that no complaints!"
"The complex is extremely clean, safe, and beautiful. The rooms are spacious and the amenities are amazing! The staff are also extremely kind and helpful, which makes my life so much easier."
"Great community and staff. It's a very safe community with great amenities. We love the pool area and speakeasy and has a great janitorial staff"
"The amenities are great, and we love our space. We didn’t have a great move in experience with the management team downstairs though. We hope that this improved for future residents. One of our neighbors said they chose to move out instead of resign because the management team was so difficult to work with."
"This place is one of the best places we have ever lived. We are pretty lucky to get a 3rd floor with a patio. It is pet friendly, the apartments stay clean, and the other residents are super respectful."
"So far soo good, the amenities is amazing. When something isn’t working it’s nice to know that we can report it through an app and they instantly fix it. The people who work here are soo nice and welcoming. It’s nice seeing them in the mornings!"
"Overall pretty great. Wish the gym morning cleaning hours were later than 8-9am since it’s kind of inconvenient for trying to go before work hours."
"It has been amazing living here! The staff is amazing. The amenities are always welcoming and clean, although I wish the air conditioning unit was not in my master bedroom."
"Love my apartment, love the amenities, love that the building is dog friendly. I wish there was more vehicle chargers and speedy working elevators."
"It's been pretty great for the majority of our stay here. The management and maintenance team are quick to respond and usually handle what we need."
"The complex and amenities are really nice. The staff is friendly and helpful. The apartment is spacious. The dog grooming room is very convenient to have on site."
"Recently moved in and I am loving it so far! The amenities are great, the apartment itself is amazing. I am loving this part of town and the space. Feels like you are living in a hotel"
"Amenities are great but construction noise is really loud and would love to have shared EV charging for residents rather than reserved spots."
"Clean, quiet, and amazing amenities! Perfect for our little family. We were searching for a place that would take our Saint Bernard and glad we found our home here!"
"it has been really nice to live at the Alexan bahay - Shannon from the leasing office is super kind and helpful and has worked super hard to help us feel at home - thanks so much, Shannon!"
"It is great here great amenities comfortable living. Really like the new gym, the speakeasy is a cool place to hang out. I would definitely recommend this to a friend"
"Very clean and quiet community. All you need for everyday life in one place - gym, pool, outdoor place, supermarket just steps away. Highly recommended."
"Building is kept clean and they make sure everything works properly. Overall outstanding service and staff. Tons of parking outside the property making it easy to park and get into the property"
"Overall my experience over the past year has been positive. The building is well maintained, has great amenities, and Shannon and Jeff are friendly and helpful. The neighborhood can get quite loud and we're often woken up early by the delivery trucks at the Target below. Building security has been a bit of an issue as well and while I do think management is improving things I'd love to see more after hours security presence."
"Everything is great so far! We renewed another year because of all the amenities and great staff. I love the upgraded appliances and style here at the apartment."
"Great location and great amenities. Apartment is clean and well maintained and everything other than the noise level due to thin walls is great."
"Everything is still amazing except for when I have to call the Curtersey patrol for the noise coming from the pool table area at quiet hours, they act like I am bothering them."
"Nice place to live. I like when they have community events like they did for Halloween. Staff is nice and helpful. I appreciate that they are taking the security issues seriously."
"I love living here! The in-unit amenities are awesome and new, with the latest smart devices like Nest. There are in-unit laundry/dryers as well. I love that the gym is open 24/7 and has an extensive variety of top-notch equipment (such as squat racks, great treadmills, and a Peloton). The building is clean and has a luxury hotel feel to it. It's also really convenient to have a Target right downstairs for quick grocery runs."
"I love it here! The building is well taken care of and always clean. The management team is really helpful and gets things done when needed."
"We absolutely LOVE living here. The apartment is so beautiful and the neighborhood is amazing. The gym is top notch too with great equipment."
"I love it here! I love all the community engagement and the different activities that are planned for the community. Keep up the good work and activities."
"I really appreciate everyone's help dealing with the breaking-and-stealing issues of the apartment. I also love the free hot chocolate for December!! What a treat!"
"I have really enjoyed my time at the Alexan Bahay and really love my apartment! The location is so convenient and close to so many good things - highly recommend it!"
"I’ve been pretty happy so far with the community and how clean it is. The amenities are great and convenience of target is awesome. I haven’t had any issues with neighbors or the community. It’s a nice tucked away community in the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles"
"We love this complex and community. We appreciate the staff and all that they do! We've been living here for almost a year and have no complaints."
"The apartments and common spaces are very nice and for the most part I've enjoyed living here the past year. However, it can be incredibly loud with the new Target below and their delivery trucks running outside every morning. around 7am. The neighborhood can also be pretty loud and often sketchy after dark. Security has seemed to lapse a bit at the building too and some amenities and outdoor spaces could be kept cleaner (there is often dog pee in the stairwells and elevators)."
"Super clean apartment complex with great amenities! I feel very safe and peaceful here. I love having the target super close by too! It’s very convenient."
"I like the apartment complex and the target! It's so convenient and easier to spend money I don't have! Ring ring bank of America please increase my credit limit! 🙏"
"I love the apartment amenities and the staff friendliness. The events are dope. I wish there was a food drop off sport and that the elevators worked more consistently. Xoxo <3"
"It has been very very nice to have such varied and accessible amenities right in the building during the more difficult times of the pandemic."
"Brand new building. Great amenities. Good tenant environment. Amazing staff. Perfect location. Reasonable rent amounts. Spacious layouts. Easy move in."
"It’s been amazing so far, I’ve had absolutely no issues and I feel very comfortable. Love the community and I love my apartment, plus everything is very clean"
"I thoroughly enjoy it here! Moving in was a breeze & everyone was so helpful in our process. No confusion or mishaps! Thank you for making our move-in warm & welcoming!"
"Still amazing to live at. The food truck Tuesday has been awesome. The environment is still very well maintained. The maintenance guys are always very efficient."
"Awesome space and amenities. Plus a new Target and new retail and food places right in the building. It’s centrally located with easy access to freeway"
"I love the brand new apartments that come with a nice, shaded balcony and the latest appliances (e.g., Nest hub is awesome)! I also really like the modern design and awesome amenities (24/7 gym, tech-enabled package room, tech-enabled garage opener and keys)."
"We absolutely LOVE living here. Everything in the building is so new and modern. The amenities are fantastic and the gym is top notch! We never want to leave."
"We just moved in today. We’re really excited! Everyone has been very helpful. Really looking forward to unpacking and getting to know the community 🙌🏻"
"I love it here! Living at Alexan Bahay is a literal dream come true. The community vibe is amazing, the amentieis are beautiful and the apartments are immaculate. We are so happy!"
"Amazing! Everyone is so friendly, really feels like a community. Leasing off is great and everything was fast. The best part of the whole building is the amenities! The neighborhood is a bit noisy hopefully that changes soon."
"My boyfriend and I just moved to this community and we love it. Our last rental experience was not very satisfying, so we definitely did our homework before touring AB. We did have some concerns on the recent management change and issues mentioned in other posts. After touring the unit with Lizzie, we decided to give it a shoot and signed our lease on the same day. We are very happy with our decision so far! Pros: - People here are super nice and helpful - all the managers (Lizzie, Shannon, Jeff), the maintenance guy Eric, the cleaning lady... - The smart home system is convenient - Target on first floor is opening in July - Amenities are great Cons: - Noise: we could hear children crying or dog barking or ambulance passing by from our unit. Not an intolerable level, but just the complex doesn't have the best noise reduction."
"Very clean and gorgeous apartment building, and everyone is super kind and friendly! The staff is also great. They were super helpful with the application process and moving in."
"Everybody is really chill and nice, people are willing to help you out if they see you struggling moving boxes. The managers are super helpful and are happy to help."
"5 star apartment, really love the management, apt itself, free wifi, all the amenities are top tier. Dog spa, Spa & pool are amazing & office space is just perfect for my business"
"Love the residents here and love the amenities. Also love the aesthetic of the building and am a big fan of the speakeasy! Happy to have laundry in unit as well and a nice kitchen with plenty of storage."
"I have been living in Alexan Bahay for almost a year now. Great building and community. Location is perfect. Amenities are clean snd well maintained except the jaccuzi as it does not make any bubbles and the water is not very hot."
"Overall, it is a great apartment community! They keep the the community very clean, which I find very important, especially during this time."
"I am very happy to be living at the Alexan Bahay and I can't wait to have the Target open up. Our amenities are great and I am ready to get to use them more as the situation improves."
"I love it here, but I do wish that the air conditioning unit wasn’t in the ceiling in the master bathroom. It is very loud! I love the staff, the cleanliness and availability of the amenities."
"So far everything is mostly good with the couple exceptions. Lights at The grill area wasn’t working since I moved in. Same with hot tub jets. Another big thing is parking the prices for the rent should absolutely include it instead charging extra $75 or $130"
"So far so good. 👍The move in was pretty easy. There is a lot of information and things to get used to. The app for reservations and maintenance is really convenient. Shannon and Lizzy have been very helpful."
"It’s an amazing, well maintained place that I am so comfortable to call home. All the neighbors are friendly and very aware. All the amenities are well kept. Overall a great experience so far. I just wish parking was free"
"Everything has been awesome. Move in was smooth. Maintenance was great! The property is beautiful and well maintained. The amenities are great especially since WFH."
"The area has a lot of homeless. I love the property though. I wish they didn't take our trash cans back. I do really like the property. I wish the apartment came w 1 parking spot free."
"Love the apartment and the patio. Amenities are nice, although obviously it has been a struggle to use them the way I would like to due to COVID. Would be nice to have some guest parking availability- street parking is tough sometimes and the street sweeping tickets are $$$. The noise from construction has been no fun on my mornings off (Monday and Tuesday)- hopefully the Target will be worth it!"
"Amenities and grounds kept in great shape. Management is very helpful. Maintenance issues addressed very quickly. Overall good experience thus far."
"Absolute Gem of a property . Setting the standards high for other new developments in the area . Love it here. Can’t beat the amenities and the great residents."
"Moving in has been extremely easy. Love the decor around the building and who doesn’t love a target 🎯 downstairs, coming soon of coarse. Excited to use the amenities."
"We just moved in, and so far we already love our new home. The neighborhood is nice and quiet, the amenities here are incredible and our apartment is beautiful. We also can’t wait for the new Target coming this summer."
"I have been here for 6 months now. No complaints so far. Building is kept in great condition. Great location as well. The only thing I would like to be open is the hot tub as I wasn’t able to use it since I moved in."
"Had a great move in experience so far! Friendly residents, responsive management and beautiful facilities! Looking forward to getting to know everyone!"
"Great apartment! Moved in earlier last year during the pandemic but management made the process very easy and they were very communicative. Would recommend to others!"
"The construction noise is pretty unbearable, they are drilling into the ceiling of the garage level, which is our floor. Outside of that, everything is great, but we have had no peace and quiet since October when it started"
"I like the apartment community and amenities. I am docking a star because the new management does not seem to take COVID-19 restrictions as seriously as our old management. There needs to be more guidelines and enforcement of amenity use during this time as it’s very frustrating to see other residents not taking it seriously. There needs to be a better reservation system for amenity use for this reason. Thank you."
"The amenities here at Alexan Bahay are really nice, but obviously I haven't been able to use them as much as I would like due to COVID. I absolutely love the maintenance staff, who have been tremendously helpful under both management groups since I've moved here last July. My only overall complaint is a relatively lax enforcement of mask/social distancing rules, since we're in a pandemic and all, but the steps being taken recently (like getting rid of trash valet because people won't follow the rules properly) are definitely moves in the right direction."
"Offer multiple parking spots for residents with more than one car. There is almost no street parking available. Also, create a better reservation system for the community."
"Overall, no real complaints with the building! The staff is friendly and accommodating. I wish the surrounding area was cleaner though. Pool needs to be cleaned and hot tub is never hot!"
"I have enjoyed my time at the Alexan Bahay but worry about what is changing with the new management. The turnover process has been less than smooth and there seem to be some ongoing issues since the change. Hopefully this is just temporary and the new management will continue to work to get the community back on track soon."
"Beautiful building and apartments but the new changes with management have been confusing and sometimes unnecessary. The complete overhaul of the amenity reservation system and bulletin board are counterintuitive and clunky. Communication has been spotty and hopefully this is all just temporary as everyone gets settled in but it does make me concerned about how things will progress and whether we'll stay after our lease ends."
"Nice amenities but not able to use we should get more credits $ also we shouldn’t be charged for trash pick up since the trash shoot is very close to my apartment"
"The apartment and the amenities are fantastic, I'm just afraid of things changing under the new management, but I'm cautiously optimistic. I'm excited for things to open up downstairs too"
"Loved the entire experience. It was quick and easy but the staff still answered all my questions and made me feel so comfortable throughout the process."
"Super clean and inviting. Wish the gym had 24-hour access even with reservations. More parking for residents would make more sense. All in all, I’m enjoying living here."
"My experience here has been mostly pleasant. A few complaints though- I think the trash service should be optional, the pet spa should be open and the units need more storage space! Especially a linen closet."
"It has been so wonderful to have the Alexan Bahay community as a new resident of Los Angeles. We have so much available to us at all times with the community's amenities and beautiful public spaces, and I am so thankful there are precessions in place to make sure we can enjoy it all safely."
"its been good so far. No complaints, we just moved in and so far it's been smooth sailing. I'm sure a lot of people would like an option for more parking but that's LA for you"
"Overall my first couple of months at the Alexan have been AMAZING. The leasing office staff are absolute superstars, the building amenities are so nice (even if we can't use some right now, I appreciate the effort to keep some open), and the layouts are spacious with so much storage. Our only issues have been from noise. The building could do with some extra sound proofing. Outside noise comes in, I hear the neighbors above stomping etc. But as long as everyone adheres to quiet time, it's been fine! Can't wait for the amenities to open back up so we can really experience the place - would love it if we could sign a guest or two in (even to the outdoor area only) as a soft reopening before full restrictions are lifted."
"I love living here at Alexan Bahay. Kimberly, Taylor, and Fabiola are always ready to help and make your living experience better. They have been exceptional since we moved-in. Thank you again."
"The complex is great! They are always working hard to keep it clean! A spill here or a mess there one night is cleaned up the next day. The leasing office is very helpful and responsive! I absolutely love that when someone smashed into the garage gate they got security posted there all night and day! Unlike my last place where bikes were stolen when that happened there."
"Love it love it love it we are definitely gonna love our new apartment. Lots of amenities we really need in this time during lockdown Excellent excellent excellent"
"It’s been great so far. We are about 4 months in and still love it here. The construction noise is annoying during the day since I wfh but everything else about this place is great. We love the community events and everything Alexan does to make this home."
"I haven’t lived here long enough to make a proper review but so far so good. My first time living in a community this size. Concierge staff are friendly and answer all my annoying questions. Tyler is amazing and specifically made sure my move went smoothly. I can’t thank him enough! The building is pretty quiet and very dog friendly. I haven’t seen anyone passing in the halls or elevators. But when I took a tour I saw one person and she immediately said “just sign the lease!” Haha I love this energy and would definitely say the same! I haven’t even had time to use amenities but there’s a LOT of them and I can’t wait to check them all out! I look forward to living here and getting to know the community!"
"Love EVERYTHING about Alexan Bahay!!! Bummer that I canmt use other amenities but really, it’s such a beautiful and peaceful place to live in."
"So far the staff have been incredibly responsive and helpful. The unit layouts are incredible. The amenities are not all open but the community attempted to at least offer some portion during the pandemic."
"After almost three months at Alexan Bahay, and despite the pandemic, our love for this place continues to grow. The entire team her is fantastic but I want to give a special shout-out to Kimberly. She helped us with the move-in process and has continued to go out of her way to make us feel at home. She is a leading example in customer-service!"
"The rules sometimes feel a bit like a college dorm but the staff are crazy helpful and the entire place is kept in great condition. A genuinely great place to live."
"Things are great at Alexan Bahay. The staff is great and so is the building. The courtyard is my favorite part of the building. It is nice having a natural escape in the middle of the city."
"Great community, beautiful amenities and love the brand new appliances - could do with some more soundproofing though. Can hear a lot of street noise and neighbors"
"Everything is good. I love the apartment, the management team, common areas. I don’t like the fact that people aren’t wearing masks in common areas and hanging out in big groups. Me and my husband only go to the pool when there is no one else but if there is someone we sit in the furthest seat and we still put our mask on after getting out the pool but people seem to not care about it. And the other reason I gave 4/5 is because I wake up to loud noise of cleaning 3 days a week. Cleaning team starts cleaning at 9am and the machine they use is super loud and because my apartment faces inside it’s super loud inside of my apartment that wakes us up all the days they are cleaning. It would he great if they cleaned after 12"
"Alexan Bahay has exceeded my expectation. From the application process to my first few weeks as a resident here, it has been outstanding. The leasing staff is great, especially Tyler and Kimberly. Also, the maintenance staff is very responsive and timely, especially Jose. I love that the apartment community is quiet, safe, and clean."
"Great experience! No complaints! Nice building, clean and new. Moving went through smoothly and team was very helpful. We love the amenities. Thank you Kimberly and Fabiola."
"I loved everything about my tour! The ameneties were amazing. Everything was clean and stylish. I am very excited to move in and to take advantage of the pool, gym and workspaces."
"Appreciate how helpful all the staff members are, whether it's in-person or over email! The building is well-maintained and our apartment has all the amenities and creature comforts that we were searching for in our next place."
"Alexan Bahay is a great community. I feel very comfortable living here. The amenities are wonderful here. The apartments are equipped with quality appliances. Samsung fridge and microwave. Also the Google thermostat is a great way to keep your home’s temperature stable. Lastly, everyday I am happy to wake up and see the “Hollywood” sign from my balcony."
"A few little things could be better with communication, ease of access but it may be expected of a newer community trying to get it’s groove."
"It’s a wonderful building and the leasing team was super helpful with everything. Could not have been a more convenient process. The team seems to have really thought of everything and the apartment itself is brand new and clean with lots of great little features."
"So far im enjoying my time here. The staff is great, parking is easy. I haven't used any of the amenities yet but I plan on heading to the gym this evening. It looks welcoming, ha"
"Its a nice place. Haven't moved in yet. But touring the property is nice. Excited to move in and live in luxury and swim in the clean pool. The gym is nice."
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"So far so good. Seems like a nice clean place with nice people and great amenities. Can't wait to use the work rooms and gym room when they open."
"Everybody has been so helpful & kind during this time and for my move! So excited to call this place home! It’s such a beautiful property & I really think i’ll love it!"
"Love the Resort-like atmosphere! Always clean, safe and staff is on point! We really enjoy all the lavish amenities and extras that are built into the community."
"I just moved in this past weekend & I already love the place! The building is very clean and the amenities are amazing! The leasing staff are very nice and helpful."
"Very great staff from maintenance to management. Friendly and professional. If an issue presents itself the staff is easily accessible. Thanks"
"Approval for renting took a little long but staff was very friendly throughout the process. Love the apartment and my big patio! I do wish there were better options for guest parking."
"We love it here! All the staff are amazing, the amenities are fantastic (even though we’ve only been able to enjoy the outdoor ones - we love it so far), and our apartment is so comfortable. We can’t wait to continue to live here."
"Have been living here for 4 weeks now & it has been Amazing so far! Amazing staff, extremely helpful and it’s a very quiet peaceful community"
"Overall, my experience has been exceptional with the staff. They have been extremely helpful and take action on any concerns that I have voiced. Although the amenities are closed, I feel connected to the staff and appreciate their priority for everyone's health and well-being. The only thing that I have noticed is that there's a bit of wall scuffing in the lobby near the mail room and in the mail room itself. People are brushing their things against the wall and it takes away from how stunning the property is. I hope these areas can be touched up so the high end feeling remains!"
"Just moved in and we are loving it. Kimberly is super helpful and we feel at home here. Thanks for making the move-in process super easy!!!!"
"Loving it so far!!! Kimberly has been amazing. Such a great human and is so helpful. The room feels like home and we’ve enjoyed our encounters with the other residents living in the community. Super happy."
"We love all of the amenities, and Kimberly has made moving in a fantastic process! The entire building is gorgeous and pristine, and our apartment is spacious and perfect for us. We’re excited for the new year at Alexan Bahay!"
"My small meme community is ok but I have some problems with the codes.I wish there more limits gift cards.I think this app is great for free gift cards."
"Amazing place, very nice amenities, every is so beautiful and clean very calm ambiance and very nice personal, they are very helpful and efficient"
"Just moved in and have had a great experience so far. Kimberly in leasing was a pleasure to work with and made the entire lease process pain free. Jose with maintenance has been extraordinarily helpful as well. In general I’d say the Alexan Behay is a top 5 complex that I’ve stayed at."