Langer’s near Bahay

Langer's near Alexan Bahay

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Langer’s near Alexan Bahay

It’s nice to find something reliably good. Langer’s near Alexan Bahay has been on the scene since 1917. They have their fans. Angelica N. shares – “I don’t often say a sandwich is life-changing, but oh man, this one WAS. The pastrami melted in my mouth and had tons of flavor. I couldn’t believe I’d gone all this time without trying it. And the rye bread? It was unbelievably soft and fresh and didn’t taste at all like other rye bread I’ve tried. I was blown away at how much I enjoyed it. I highly recommend you go for the Russian dressing, BTW. I think it really elevates and complements the flavor of the pastrami. I can see why this place is king among pastrami sandwich places (sorry, Katz’s). I love the old timey feel at Langer’s, and to know L.A. has such a wonderful treasure like this is awesome.”

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