High-Quality Homestyle Mexican Taco Flavor in LA


There is perhaps no Mexican or Tex-Mex dish quite as iconic as a taco. It comes in many variations, is easy to carry around while you eat, and there’s even an entire day dedicated to it. No doubt you’re probably craving a taco now, and here at Alexan Bahay, our luxury apartment residents in Los Angeles are guaranteed to find the best taco vendors right by their home.

Guisados is a local Californian chain dedicated to giving the best tacos in town with their authentic flavors and ingredients. Their closest location to our luxury apartments is in Echo Park, a mere one and a half miles away, so you can make a delivery or pick-up order and have your food on hand in about five minutes. Their daily lunch and dinner menu consist of fourteen delicious tacos, ranging from the vegetarian-friendly Frijoles con Queso with chipotle sauce, to the classic shredded chicken braised with tomatoes and chorizo called the Tinga de Pollo, to the super spicy habanero-infused Chiles Toreados. There are also quesadillas for those who want a little more cheese to their tortilla treat. Thirsty? Try out one of their mixed juices, such as their hibiscus iced tea, the cantaloupe water, or horchata cinnamon rice milk. Finally, they offer breakfast tacos from 9-1am every morning, so rise a little early to enjoy favorites like the Weenie con Huevo and the Tocina con Papas (bacon with potatoes.)

Enjoy the best taco right at home here at Alexan Bahay. Book a virtual tour of our LA luxury apartments and an order of tacos from Guisados in Echo Park for your next craving.