Button Mash Near You

Button Mash - pic by Meagan L.

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Button Mash

Asian Fusion and vintage arcade games – it is everything you can picture right now. Their fans are sharing. Bailey K. shares on Yelp, “What a great place for a fun, low-key date night. I’ve had Button Mash bookmarked for a minute now, and I’m so glad I made it to this side of town to check it out! They are advertised as an Asian Fusion restaurant … menu boasts items like spam fried rice, dan dan noodles, and various pub fare along with a handful of vegan options for your plant-based friends… Beer-wise, they have a great selection of cans and a handful on draft… TRY THE GARLIC NOODLES. Hands down the best I’ve had in my life, and they gave us a healthy portion of shrimp. I could have left Button Mash after inhaling those noodles, but we decided to play some games, which just topped off the night.”

Button Mash is just one of the fantastic places on Sunset you find near Alexan Bahay – luxury apartment homes in Los Angeles you will love.