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B2: Two-Bedroom LA Apartments for Roommate Relaxation

There are plenty of benefits to having a roommate. You’ll have someone to split the errands and bills with, saving you both precious time and funds, and even during this time of social distancing you’ll have at least one person to talk to. Our two-bedroom luxury LA apartments at Alexan Bahay are designed for you and your chosen guest to lay back and relax, and neither party will ever lack in comfort.

If you’re looking for an evenly balanced home for you and your friend, our B2 two-bedroom luxury apartment floor plan is a great fit. It features approximately 1,024 square feet of living space, paired up with exquisite amenities you can find within every inch. Both bedrooms can fit the softest king-sized mattress, and they stand on opposite ends of the apartment, ensuring...

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High-Quality Homestyle Mexican Taco Flavor in LA

There is perhaps no Mexican or Tex-Mex dish quite as iconic as a taco. It comes in many variations, is easy to carry around while you eat, and there’s even an entire day dedicated to it. No doubt you’re probably...

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apartment community

A Los Angeles Apartment Community to Fill Every Need

Sometimes you just need a quiet corner to relax in, or perhaps a place to bring your friends and family over for a fun hangout session, or even somewhere you can easily concentrate and work outside of the office...

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Los Angeles Luxury Apartments

Los Angeles Luxury Apartments with Modern Chic

Technology has come a long way. Computers used to take up an entire room, but now they fit into our pockets or backpacks, some devices allow us to accomplish tasks hands free, and it’s hard to find anyone that...

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Los Angeles one-bedroom apartments

A5: Welcoming Los Angeles One-Bedroom Apartments

When most people think of one-bedroom apartments, they tend to think of one resident making themselves at home, or a couple sharing the space together. However, our luxury Los Angeles one-bedroom luxury apartments at...

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