A Los Angeles Apartment Community to Fill Every Need

apartment community

Sometimes you just need a quiet corner to relax in, or perhaps a place to bring your friends and family over for a fun hangout session, or even somewhere you can easily concentrate and work outside of the office cubicle. Here at Alexan Bahay, our luxury apartment community can accomplish all three and more, giving residents options to enjoy their free time however they choose.

For starters, no longer do you have to worry about missing online deliveries or rushing to the leasing office during your lunch hour to pick up a long-awaited package. We have our own Amazon Hub locker service, which is secure and open 24/7, which means that you can pick up your package without any hassle, guaranteed. Want to cut down on gas emissions and avoid traffic altogether on your daily commute? Grab your bike from our convenient bike storage and repair center and ride around LA on a great day. Trim down some assignments from the office at home using our modern co-work lounge, complete with concentration-boosting work booths perfect for solo work, communal tables for bringing a group together for collaborations, and a presentation-ready conference room for discussions with co-workers over coffee and charts. Pamper Fido and Mr. Whiskers in our pet-friendly community, and give them a proper bath in our onsite professional-grade pet spa. Finally, there’s ground floor shopping and dining venues whenever you feel adventurous, and our great location in the heart of Los Angeles ensures that there’s never a dull moment.

Get a home that’s flexible to your needs here at Alexan Bahay. Try out our welcoming LA luxury apartment community for yourself when we open later this year.